With Chainremita Wallet you Can

Receive, Save, Send and Spend money peer-to-peer without any transaction fees. Because, our wallet is built for microtransactions.

Integrate into your website, applications, e-commerce store, and other merchant platforms as a payment option via our wallet charge API.

Our Solution

No-fees transactions, security, active support, withdrawals without extra charges.

Transact without Charges

We provide an e-wallet service which you can use to send money to people using their email addres or wallet number, receive money from people using your email address or wallet number, store your earnings and deposits and withdraw funds to your bank account.

Charge wallet via API

We have an active and round the clock email support. You can also contact hello@chainremita.com for enquiries and support@chainremita.com for any technical challenge. You can also reach us via our live chat support where you get to talk with our support officers.


We ensure security via encryption using various hashing algorithms. We enforce an additional transaction PIN which must be specified before any transaction can be initatiated on your account. Never expose your PIN! We also use SSL end to end encryption in transferring data. Payments outside the app via wallet charge requires OTP.

Withdraw Funds to your Bank Account(s)

All your earnings and deposits goes to your wallet. You can withdraw funds anytime to your bank account. The payout bank account must be in your name. Uploading your KYC documents from the https://chainremita.com/offoce/account makes withdrawals to be processed faster.



Receive, save, send and spend money via Chainremita Wallet applications.

  • Receive money - free
  • Save money - free
  • Send Money - free
  • Withdrawal - free
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The above pricing is for all chainremita users.



Charge Chainremita wallet via our API

  • 1.4% - per transaction
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The above pricing is for chainremita wallet users who accept Chainremita Wallet payments via our API