Chainremita Partners Program


Chainremita Partners Program (CPP) is designed to make you part of the owners of chainremita as a partner, it means that as a partner you’ll keep earning from chainremita revenues forever, both from our commerce solutions, our telecom VAS and from our payment gateway(currently being developed).

Benefits of Becoming

As a Chainremita partner you will get an affiliate link/code which new users can use to sign up on chainremita. Any user that signs up with your link/code becomes your referral. The benefits of becoming a partner includes

  1. You get to buy airtime, data and all other of our digital products at cheaper prices than what regular users buy, check the telecom solution for partners to see the pricing for partners.
  2. You will earn money whenever any of your referral purchases some of our products including airtime and data, check the users affiliate compensation plan to see how much you will earn for each product purchased by any of your referrals.
  3. You will earn money whenever any of your referral upgrades from a regular user to a chainremita partner, check the partners affiliate compensation plan to see how much you will earn for any referral’s upgrade.
  4. You will earn money whenever a sale is made from any of your referral on, you can earn up to 10% of the sales made.
  5. You will earn money whenever a transaction is processed via our Payment Solution for any of your referral who is a chainremita merchant, you can earn up to 10% of the sales made.

How to Become a Partner

Signing up an account with Chainremita is the first step to becoming a Chainremita partner, only chainremita users are allowed to become partners. It does not cost any money to sign up an account with chainremita. After a successful sign-up you must complete email verification before you can sign in and you must set up your profile before you can access our system.

It costs 5,000 NGN (five thousand naira) only to become a Chainremita partner, therefore you need to have a minimum of 5,000 NGN in your Chainremita Wallet. The easiest way to fund your account currently is by sending the amount you want to fund to any of our company accounts (Access bank 0825984626 Bernvy Enterprise). And send your proof of payment(deposit teller, screenshot or any picture of your payment) to via mail or to +2348026151527 via whatsapp. Our Payment Solution when it is ready will enable users to make payments for funding of your wallet right from your wallet dashboard, your payment will be processed automatically and your wallet will be funded instantly. Our Payment Solution will also give users a wider range of options for making payment including card payments, USSD payment, bank account instant payment, bank transfers instant payment, qr-code payments, bitcoin payments, ethereum payments, litecoin payments, etc.

Once you have up to 5,000 NGN in your wallet, you can visit the affiliate page and upgrade your account from a regular user to a partner. This action will cost you 5,000 NGN.

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