Working with Chainremita API

Developers can Integrate our APIs in web and mobile applications without any setup and maintenance cost.

We have a simple pay-as-you-go pricing, merchants are charged only when they receive money, while developers earn.

Available Chainremita API Services

Accept Payment with Kale

With few lines of code you can start accepting naira, dollar and blockchain payments from anywhere in the world. Our Kale API can be integrated in web and mobile applications.

Charge a Chainremita Wallet (coming soon)

You can integrate our wallet charge API as a payment option in web and mobile applications that do not already have kale. This API allows chainremita users to charge other users' wallet.

Kale API

Developer's Commission

Earn percentage of our fixed transaction fee

  • 5% per transaction

Wallet Charge API

Developer's Commission

Earn a percentage on the volume of wallet charges

  • 0.4% per wallet charge

VAT excluded